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  2. neondragonart answered: It’s a relic from Flight Rising 1.0. The ratings dragon has been with us for years. :-)
  3. akafox answered: oooooooh… I always thought it was a tundra teenager
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    It’s a tribute to one of the original characters in Undel’s NeonDragonArt books!
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    And I thought I was hallucinating… others can see it too!!!
  7. betatorchic answered: A Wildclaw with ears??? Yeah, I have no idea either
  8. extrasolardragons answered: I dunno, but it’s hella cute
  9. sexpotgecko answered: perhaps a future two toed no armed punk rock dragon
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    I don’t know. But I want one. :D
  11. rennaku answered: I’m laughing at E-drama
  12. ragicandodgeryfr answered: Wyvern :D
  13. takaia answered: p sure it’s an old dragon design of neondragon’s
  14. underface answered: I’m thinking maybe a possible future cutie, it isn’t the first time we see a dragon that isn’t one of the species! Like on the game page c:
  15. awesomemodon answered: I think it’s a baby tundra from a new angle?
  16. the-astrophel answered: Looks like a Tundra to me. Err, but hornless and less fluffy.
  17. possiblyevil answered: The one dragon you can never exalt, no matter how much you wish you could.
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